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I would like to welcome you to a new and exciting year with the ONW Raven Bands on behalf of the ONW Raven Bands Booster Club. If you are an incoming freshman, or new to ONW, welcome to the ONW Raven Bands Family, a truly unique and rewarding experience. We are so pleased that you and your student will be involved in one of the largest and most successful high school band programs in the Midwest.

The Booster Club has created this handbook for you because it is something that we all wish we had when we became first time high school band parents or to refer back to when questions came up. It describes/covers almost everything that happens with the Raven Bands program, all from a parent’s perspective. In addition, the sheer size of this handbook should also suggest to you that there are many opportunities for you to be involved and participate in our Band Family and Booster Club.

The ONW Raven Bands Program is the largest student group at Olathe Northwest and former Principal, Dr. Gwen Poss was famous for saying “the band is the heartbeat of our school.” We want you to be an integral part of our Band Family through attendance, participation, and volunteerism at various band activities and events as we all work together as a Band Family to support and grow the most exciting and dynamic high school music program in the State of Kansas. We encourage you to read through this handbook and consider where you might be of service.

During the past 4 years, I have witnessed firsthand the growth and success of this program. This has been due to Mr. Davis’ and his staff’s passion for music and their students success, both in and out of the classroom, the dedication and hard work of all band students, and the steadfast support of the parents. Each festival, competition, concert, fundraiser, and year has generated additional growth, excitement, and opportunity for ONW Raven Bands. This is where you come in as parents of these fantastic, talented student musicians.

The ONW Raven Bands Booster Club has proudly supported our high school student musicians for the past 16 years and the level of needed support has grown each year due to the Band’s success. It has been said that “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.” Each of you has something to give, in your own way, whether it be time, resources, connections, energy, or presence. Every contribution, no matter how big or small, is needed and appreciated as the ONW Raven Bands program continues to grow and succeed. Please join me and the rest of the Booster Club in supporting our student musicians and ONW Raven Bands. We want you to be an integral part of the growth and success of ONW Raven Bands and our ONW Raven Bands Family.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Mr. Davis or myself anytime. Once again, welcome to the ONW Raven Bands Family; and, we look forward to seeing and meeting you soon.


Michael J. Augustine, President
ONW Raven Bands Booster Club

Band Director

Assisstant Band Director


Michael Augustine

Vice President

Jenny Wassom


Davin & Tina Kaiser


Sheila Hite & Tracie Wright

Fundrasier Coordinator

Historian / Scrapbook

Publicity Agent

Roadies Coordinator

Kimberly Augustine & Rob McElwain

Uniform Coordinators

Paula Brekken & Lisa Hazen

Volunteer Coordinator


Ashley Augustine

Alumni Coordinator

Bingo Night Coordinators

Trish Logsdon & Jenny Wassom

Blues & BBQ Coordinator

Sarah Nickel

Blues & BBQ Auction Coordinator

 Sarah Nickel

DCI - Brass Impact Coordinator

Rob & Jena McElwain

EoY Banquet & Senior Gifts

Food Coordinator